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TOGETHER we pave the way for a healthier future.


The advancements of science have allowed us to discover the life-saving components of the human microbiome opening the doors to realign the way we look at health, how we treat patients, and how we combat disease.


Through your valuable investment, TOGETHER we provide critical resources needed to treat, prevent, and even reverse debilitating chronic disease for millions of Americans. 


TOGETHER we break down barriers and bring new hope for those suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, IBD, obesity, dementia, and more. 

TOGETHER we advance the future of health.
Today, Tomorrow, and Generations To Come. 


MADP Volunteers

Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention welcomes volunteers who are passionate about our mission and advancing public health, disease prevention, and the microbiome. Dependent upon interests, volunteers may serve internally assisting with grants, social media, and communications or externally assisting with events and community outreach programs. 


For volunteering interests, please reach out to info@microbiomedp.org. We look forward to hearing from you. 

MADP Clinical Ambassadors

Would you like to volunteer as a MADP Clinical Ambassador?  MADP welcomes MD’s, MD-PhD’s, DO’s, ND’s, NP’s, and other highly-skilled integrative medical experts.  MADP Clinical Ambassadors must have a deep understanding of the functional drivers of chronic inflammatory disease, advanced laboratory diagnostic testing, precision medicine, and the microbiome. 


MADP Clinical Ambassadors have an active role in promoting and implementing MADP clinical education and supporting resources among their fellow medical peers.  MADP Clinical Ambassadors are valued volunteers representing and advancing MADP’s mission in the highest regard. 


MADP Clinical Ambassadors are an important part of the MADP Speaker’s Bureau presenting detailed diagnostic and treatment information to provider groups, medical associations, and hospital systems.   


Appropriate training and interviewing required.  We welcome a conversation. For those interested please send a written letter of interest and CV to info@microbiomeDP.org.  

MADP Fundraising Partners

Fundraising is a critical part of our nonprofit organization. The Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention relies on the incredible generosity of donors and fundraising events. If you have an interest in volunteering with our fundraising team either as an individual, group, or company-wide events please let us know. We are delighted to work with you. 


All fundraising dollars are tax-deductible and directly support MADP’s mission advancing public health, disease prevention, and the microbiome. Honors of recognition and awards extended to our highest fundraisers. 

STEM Programs

Fueling the Next Generations of Microbiome TRAILBLAZERS

MADP Student Chapters 

Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention welcomes high school and college campus students who are passionate about fueling a healthy microbiome through disease prevention, public health, and nutrition. 


Each campus chapter is a student-led, student-initiated organization within a high school or college campus that partners with the Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention. Materials and guidelines to start a chapter are provided. 


Exciting opportunity to collaborate with some of the top leaders in the field. Incentive programs and awards for top fundraisers, community outreach, and educational awareness platforms. We are delighted to help you establish your chapter and set goals for the year. 

STEM Teacher Resource 

MADP is pleased to exemplify incredible resources. Download the pdf for educational purposes only. Teaching professionals must be appropriately credentialed before use. Intended use: Middle and High School students.

Baylor College of Medicine
Introduction to the Microbiome Guide for Teachers 

Courtesy of Baylor College of Medicine, the Introduction to the Microbiome Guide for Teachers lets students explore the human microbiome through scientific articles, in-depth and hands-on activities, and by answering thought-provoking questions.


Topics include understanding the diversity of microbes in the human body, bacterial signaling/communication, using bacteria to treat disease, and the role of microbes in the human gut.

On behalf of Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention –

We extend our warm gratitude to all of our volunteers – together we invest in unlocking the power of the microbiome. It is only possible because of the incredible generosity of volunteers like you. We couldn’t do it without you.

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