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The Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention (MADP) is a U.S. based, registered 501(c)(3) public health non-profit dedicated to advancing early detection and disease prevention .  We are committed to patients, providers, and the community at large – combatting the world’s largest killing epidemic of chronic inflammatory disease.


Precision, prevention, and early detection are opening the door to realign the way we look at health, how we treat patients, and how we combat disease. MADP invests in the microbiome, precision medicine, and precision nutrition – bringing forth the latest clinical diagnostics and ground-breaking discoveries to the forefront to prevent and improve debilitating chronic inflammatory disease states such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.



MADP operates as a Collaborative Alliance partnering with top research institutions, clinicians, and scientists from across the country.  Together we are dedicated to saving lives. Together we break down barriers to bring hope and healing –  today, tomorrow, and generations to come.

TOGETHER we are driven to share research, expertise, and best practices to break down barriers and bring new hope for those suffering with chronic disease.

Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention

The Microbiome - Critical Role in Health

The rapid advances in science have expanded our ability to understand the power of the human microbiome. This rich ecosystem of more than 100 TRILLION bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more live in and on the human body. They play a critical role in human health and sustaining life—without them there would be no life.

Scientists refer to them as our ‘second genome’.

The human body has 100 times more microbial genes than human genes.  The microbial genes make up what is called the ‘second genome‘. 


The community of microorganisms that comprise the gastrointestinal tract, commonly referred to as the ‘gut microbiome’, regulate vital biological functions from creating vitamins to controlling our immune system, metabolism, nervous system, and even our brain.  

The Microbiome

“It is a NEW ERA of preventive, precision medicine opening the door to realign the way we look at health, how we treat patients, and how we combat disease.”

Chronic Disease and The Microbiome

Chances are either you, or someone you care about, has been diagnosed with either heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disease, food allergies, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, or dementia. These are a few of the multitude of chronic, inflammatory disease states that are directly influenced by our microbiome.

“An improper balance in the gut microbiota is the common link to the progression of inflammation and chronic disease.”

Cancer and The Microbiome

When battling cancer, every minute matters.  Patients do not have the time to wait for  clinical care to catch up with the latest advancements of science.  MADP Clinical Cancer Program optimizes positive health outcomes for cancer patients while incorporating the latest advancements of precision medicine and laboratory diagnostics for cancer prevention.


The microbiome, and targeted precision nutrition, have an integral role in the life of cancer.  MADP “Eat To Starve Cancer” ™ Initiative provides targeted, therapeutic, precision nutrition for cancer prevention and cancer patients. 

Eat to Starve Cancer

Unlocking Precision and Prevention

Precision Medicine | Cures start in the lab.
Paradigm shift in healthcare | Proactive and Preventive.
Precision Nutrition | Cures start at the table.
 “Cancer patients with more diverse gut flora had better survival outcomes than those with lower diversity.”

Jonathan Peled, MD, Ph.D., Medical Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

“High-fermented-food diet increases microbiota diversity and decreases inflammatory markers.” 

Justin Sonnenburg, Ph.D., Erica Sonnenburg, Ph.D., and other collaborators, Stanford School of Medicine.

“Your microbiome has a bigger impact on your overall health more than you realize, and food is the most powerful drug.” 

Geoffrey von Maltzahn, Ph.D., Flagship Pioneering, Singularity University Global Summit, A Microbiome Revolution.

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