What Is Public Health?

“Public health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private communities, and individuals.” 


~ CEA Winslow 

What is the Future of Health?


Early Detection

Disease Prevention

Precision Medicine

Genetic Factors and Gene Expression

Next-Generation Therapies

Personalized Treatments






Alliance in Action

Precision Public Health - Preventing Disease

Pillar 1 | Accelerating Clinical Research –
The Era of Precision Public Health

We collaborate with top clinical research institutions to aid in biobanking and increase microbial genomic data samples for microbiome research specific to chronic inflammatory disease states.  More DATA equals quicker advances in life-saving therapeutics and improved patient outcomes.


  • *MADP Cancer Research Initiative – Educational platform for M.D./Ph.D. Clinical Researchers and Oncologists – Measures to reduce inflammation within the tumor microenvironment (‘The Inflammatory Cancer Cloud‘) , as well as collecting microbial genomic signatures within the tumor microenvironment in correlation with assessing the gut microbiome for all cancer patients enrolled in clinical research trials.


We proudly serve the next-generation of innovations with our MADP educational university programs and STEM initiatives. 


Pillar 1 | Accelerating Microbiome Innovation – The Era of Precision Public Health

Pillar 2 | Integrating Precision Medicine
into Clinical Education

Integrating Precision Medicine into Clinical Education

We work closely with physicians, hospital systems, and public health entities providing education and supportive resources to treat their patients by implementing the latest clinical advancements in early detection and disease prevention.  Provider programs include – comprehensive chronic inflammatory disease assessment, advanced laboratory diagnostic testing, clinical microbiome assessment, therapeutic precision nutrition, and recommended treatment protocols. 


Our health care partners are on the front lines helping patient’s battle chronic disease. Due to overload, it is difficult for clinicians to stay on top of the latest scientific and clinical advancements.  We ease the burden placed on healthcare leaders and help them overcome these hurdles. 


Pillar 3 | Payers – Standards of Preventive,
Proactive Healthcare

We work with payers to exponentially reduce healthcare costs by advocating the utilization of simple measures of advancing preventive screening diagnostics as a standard practice of care. 


A healthcare system that is proactive and preventive, versus reactive putting less strain on resources.  Early detection is key.   


Pillar 3 – Payers – Standards of Preventive, Proactive Healthcare

Pillar 4 | Patient Programs & Health Outreach –
Fueling Disease Prevention
OWN Your Health

Own Your Health

Cures start in the lab.  Cures start at the table.  While we drive the development of life-saving therapies and personalized treatment options, we have a seat at the table working directly with patients, and the community-at-large, to prevent and/or reverse debilitating chronic disease.


MADP Patient Program is a comprehensive resource and education platform to optimize disease prevention, provide diagnostics for early detection, and measures for increasing positive health outcomes for those suffering from chronic inflammatory disease.  It is important to work with your clinical care provider.


MADP addresses the essential key factors of chronic inflammation: immune health, metabolic health, and the health of the microbiome

    • Special Note: For our cancer and cardiovascular patients, MADP has compiled specific resources and additional therapeutic precision nutrition protocols.


Our unrelenting focus – helping every person prevent disease, increase survival, and drive positive health outcomes.  We make the complex science – easy, for you. 


Pillar 5 | TRAILBLAZING Health and Nutrition Access

We expand equitable access to essential nutrition for the low-income and food insecure populations.


Accessibility to healthy foods, nutritional education, and disease preventive modifications through our alliance of industry, community, and clinical partners.


Together we drive positive health outcomes providing essential nutrition and education for those in need.


Equitable Access

ALLIANCE IN ACTION – 360 Full CircleDriving the Change

Precision Medicine | Cures start in the lab.
Paradigm shift in healthcare | Proactive and Preventive.
Precision Nutrition | Cures start at the table.

Due Diligence.

The Microbiome Alliance for Disease Prevention follows best practices to invest in the future of public health and disease prevention utilizing the science of the microbiome. The seasoned leadership, comprehensive strategy, and innovative funding model supports a strong foundation upholding the mission of MADP non-profit organization and partnership due diligence.

We Welcome You.

We welcome you, our friends and partners, to join us.
Together we pave the way for a healthier future.